​​Explore Spirituality through Creativity

Painting as Spiritual Practice
With Natalia Rosenfeld
Painting as Spiritual Practice 

"What the artist must render is a living moment in action or an inward experience."                                                  -Joseph Campbell

Did you know that you can practice meditation and mindfulness while creating ?
As we learn how to be present, our intuition guides us through the pure creative process.  We get in tough with our true nature and we awaken to the mystery of life.  As we open up to the Universal Creative energy and become one with it, we experience unending, surprising and multidimensional self-expression.
To go beyond success and failure, good and bad, right and wrong, liking and disliking is to discover new dimensions of being.  By letting go of judgments, fears, believes and conditionings we discover who we really are. As we surrender demands of our ego we experience freedom of pure play. We learn to respond, instead of reacting; capacity for wisdom, love and compassion grows.

When we step out of the way and let creative energy work through us, our consciousness expends and connection with mysterious happens.   By being able to be in the moment with whatever arises, by being aware of the workings of the mind, patterns and habits loosen their grip and we experience healing and insights.

As we paint intuitively we are not concerned with the technique, we do not plan, organize, compose, balance or make sense.  Every step happens spontaneously and naturally.  We don’t know where we are going and what’s going to happen.  We travel in the unknown.  We can recognize a deeper meaning of what’s been painted at some point, or let the mystery remain without taking it literally.  As soon as we label what we think we know, we put ourselves back in the box and exploration stops.  Can we stand not to know?  If we do and keep the brush moving, we are being surprised beyond our wildest dreams.  “Where did this come from?  I could have never think of doing that! I didn’t know I could paint like that! I thought I was done with this issue in my life!” - the practitioners say as they paint.  Nevertheless, we look at the paintings only as a by-product of the inner journey, we treat them like a personal journal.  The gift of pure creativity manifests as a personal transformation and increased awareness of who we really are.

Our Workshops are designed for people who want to explore pure creativity as a spiritual practice.

We paint for process, for the joy of it, and not for product.  
We use intuition and spontaneity to express ourselves 
in the present moment.  Technique develops on its own, 
while we are being true to our authentic expression.  
We learn to play again, instead of doing tedious work.

In these workshops  we learn how to unblock creative potential and facilitate personal transformation.  We learn to see our own conditioning that stops us from being free in our creative process.

This painting process brings us exactly were we are at the moment, puts us in the place of innocence and vulnerability and makes us face whatever is there.  That’s why we experience insights and healing during this practice of meditation with the brush in your hand.

 We don’t critique or interpret our work.  There are no good or bad comments made about paintings.  We only share our inner process, feelings and insights.  We create a very safe, non-judgmental environment for everybody to express themselves fully.

We use non-toxic tempera paint and natural brushes.

Hosting a Workshop
 Organize a workshop in your hometown. 

Your job as host

As a host, your job is to find a great space for the workshop and help us promote it. The best PR is word of mouth, but you also can use local publications for advertising, distribute the flyers, use social networking services like Facebook.


The space must be private and quiet. Good sites for painting workshops include big art spaces, dance and yoga studios, community arts centers, community colleges, and church meeting rooms. 
For the group of 12-20 painters the room can be 600-1000 square feet. Painting is done on the walls (covered with craft paper to protect them from paint) and/or easels. It’s best to have adequate free wall space so that each person can have 3-4 feet of elbow room. The room should have an open floor plan and be carpet-free if possible.  Good lighting is very important.

Other Amenities and supplies

Access to water and bathrooms is essential. A utility sink is great, but we can work with bathroom or kitchen sinks. We’ll need two big tables for the paints and two tables for snacks and other supplies, also chairs and stools. Paints and paper will be ordered by me or by you locally.  If the workshop is outside of US, we ask participants to bring their own brushes.

Setting up

We require a half -day in advance of the workshop to set up the studio and a couple of hours to take it down. We transform the space into a painting studio by covering the walls and the floor with a craft paper in order to protect it from paint.

​​Bring Intuitive and Spontaneous Expression into your life
"With intuition comes knowledge of the subtle, the separated, the remote, the past and the future, in other words, of things normally inaccessible to conventional means of knowledge."
                                                                                                                                               - Patanjali